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Accompany with an ageing world

Accompany with an ageing world

HelpAge International is the secretariat to a global network of organisations promoting the right of all older people to lead dignified, healthy and secure lives. The HelpAge International network has since grown steadily in size and influence. We now have over 130 network members and many more partners in 80 countries across the world.

HelpAge International started operating in Vietnam since 1997. By 2011, when Vietnam officially became a country with a rapidly ageing population, the Country Office of HelpAge International in VietNam was established to promote and provide support for our local partner in Vietnam in order to ensure the well-being of Vietnamese older people.

Intergeneration Self-help Clubs (ISHC)
Home-based Care Volunteers
Beneficiaries through ISHC's Volunteer network
of 63 Provinces across the country apply ISHC model

What we do

Support partners to enhance capacity
We aim to directly support older people, communities, and partners by hosting regular training with methodical and inclusive content, which puts the community and partners in the center and actively promoting their capacity, enable them to use available resources for community work effectively.
Sustainable livelihood development
We aim to develop and communicate how to apply sustainable livelihood models in the community so that older people can have access to business and farming models which appropriate to their health conditions to ensure food security at the community level.
We carry out communication campaigns, raise awareness about existing policies related to older people's rights. On the other hand, we conduct regular studies to identify the needs of older people and advocate for changes in existing policies to ensure the rights and interests of older people to be fully implemented.
Disaster Risk Reduction
We aim to come up with community-based disaster risk prevention solutions that maximize the participation of people, especially older people, to effectively implement the work of natural disaster prevention and management in Vietnam.
Long-term Care
We aim to develop health care and wellbeing for older people in the community, both physically and mentally, through community-based health education and training to gradually improve the quality of primary health care
Mobilize community participation
We promote older people's participation in social activities, as well as the contribution of the whole community to mobilizing social resources to help and support the disadvantaged cases in the community.

What our partners think about ISHC Model

HelpAge International's model of Intergeneration Self-help Club (ISHC) in Vietnam, after more than 10 years, has been completed and applied, bringing many benefits to older people nationwide. The ISHC model has been increasingly developed and replicated throughout the villages, increasing its popularity and participation.

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