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Press release: HelpAge International in Vietnam supports VND 80 million for older people in COVID-19 epidemic

Hanoi, 16 April 2020 - This morning in Hanoi, in response to the Prime Minister's call for "Together to support the prevention of COVID-19", the Central Committee of the Vietnam Association of the Elderly received the support from HelpAge International in Vietnam which is more than VND 80 million. This amount is to support the older people in the country dủing COVID-19 pandemic, especially those who have a background disease of poor, near-poor, disabled older people, etc. in some localities.

Facing the need for support for older people in need, HelpAge International in Vietnam has actively called for and approached donors to support the prevention of disease in Vietnam. The amount of more than VND 80 million has been decided by the Central Vietnam Association of the Elderly to donate to the Representative Board of the Hanoi City Association of the Elderly (the locality with the most cases in the country) and the Association of the Elderly of Hoa Binh province (mountainous areas, disadvantage area with many ethnic minorities) through Intergenerational Clubs to help each other to support the extremely difficult, sick, disabled, poor people ...

Speaking of support, Ms. Tran Bich Thuy, Country Director of HelpAge International in Vietnam, said: “In front of the COVID-19 pandemic, the elderly are the most at-risk targets. In terms of health, economy, and society, however, it is undeniable that the elderly are also a great resource that is actively contributing to the prevention of pandemic across the country, which the elderly The Intergenerational Self-Help Club is an example. We call on organizations, donors and government agencies to pay more attention to the needs of the elderly, during and after the Pandemic, not just physical, health, but also mentally and psychologically. At present, we are continuing to mobilize more resources to contribute to the Vietnam Elderly Association and the Vietnamese government to support the elderly during and after this difficult period. ”

In receiving speech, Standing Vice Chairman of Vietnam Elderly Association - Mr. Dam Huu Dac - highly appreciated this very initial support of HelpAge International for 2 localities. “The donation from HelpAge International in Vietnam shows its concern for the older people in Vietnam, contributing to the local government to better meet the essential needs of older people at this stage, and at the same time enhance the role of the older people in the Intergenerational Self-Help Clubs as local forces in the fight against COVID-19. ” In addition, Mr. Dac also called on the older of the whole country to continue promoting their internal resources, abilities, and experience to raise the spirit of healthy leaves, so that each older person, depending on his/her strength, become a shining example in disease prevention; as well as called for collaboration of agencies, units, businesses and organizations in Vietnam and abroad, to continue to work together with the  Association of the Elderly in supporting and promoting the role of the older.

Older people are most at risk from many aspects of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus. With the aging immune system, the older often suffer from pre-existing chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular, respiratory, cancer, etc. Caring and supporting the older in the context of a pandemic is extremely urgent and important, especially for those who are difficult, lonely and disabled. As one of the countries with the fastest aging rates in the world with older people rate of nearly 12% off the population, Vietnam has done a great job in coping with the COVID-19 epidemic, but there are still many challenges in ensuring social security for all people, including the older, in the context of limited resources, so that no one is left behind.