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Bac Ninh: A 2-year preliminary conference for the implementation of the project "Supporting disadvantaged older people by Replicating Intergenerational Self-Help Club Model in Vietnam"

On November 6, Bac Ninh Association of the Elderly (BNAE) organized a 2-year preliminary conference for the implementation of the Project on Replication of Intergenerational Self-Help Club and Project VIE070 "Supporting disadvantaged older people by Replicating Intergenerational Self-Help Club Model in Vietnam".


The meeting was honored to welcome the participation of Mr. Ngo Trong Vinh, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Association of the Elderly (VAE); Ms. Chu Việt Nga, National Program Manager, HelpAge International in Vietnam (HAIV); Mr. Nguyen Huu Quat, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Bac Ninh Provincial Committee; Nguyen Xuan Thu, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Council; Nguyen Van Phong, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee; leadership of Office, Organization - Inspection Committee of Central Association; Departments of Bac Ninh province; AE of districts and city; the Management Board of the ISHC and delegates from local committees and local authorities have clubs.

Implementing of the Prime Minister's Decision No.1533/QD-TTg of August 2, 2016, approving the Project of replicating the model of ISHC from 2016 to 2020, the provincial People's Committee has built "The project of replicating the Intergeneration Self-Help Club model" in the province, intending to pilot the establishment of 24 ISHC from 2017 through 2020. In the framework of implementing the Project, with the consent of the Provincial People's Committee, the Representative Board of BNAE has implemented the project VIE070 "Support disadvantaged older people through replication of Intergenerational Self-Help Club in Vietnam"- The project is technically supported by HAIV, through cooperation with the Korean HelpAge Organization and co-financing of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). With the support of the Project, up to now, the whole province has 10 clubs in 7 districts and cities; with 567 members. The main subjects participate in the clubs are the poor elderly, near-poor, women, people with difficult economic or social, spiritual circumstances. The clubs aim to make members improve their lives, promote their roles and contribute to health care, increase incomes, promote local development; improve the relationship and exchange between the club and the local authorities ... In addition to providing blood pressure devices, weight, microphones, tables ..., the clubs established in 2018 were funded by the Fund 130 million VND and the clubs established in 2019 will be granted 100 million VND/each to invest in income-generating activities.

Not only for health promotion, arts and culture, the club model also bring positive results that help improve the economic life for the elderly. With the lending activities to increase income, nearly 300 members have borrowed 1.15 billion VND from the club to develop small sustainable economic models suitable for the elderly. With the active participation of 57 economic development volunteers, 44 members have been supported by volunteers, 90% of loan members said their income increased after joining the club. Also, 48 people in difficult circumstances such as long-term illness, helplessness are taken care of by volunteers at home help with housework, care, and conversation. The club also helped with money, exhibits, and workdays for 70 people who had unexpected difficulties; organize cleaning of village roads regularly, participating in new rural construction. Through practical activities, it has affirmed that the model of ISHC is deeply humane, basically meeting the care needs and promoting the role of the elderly; suitable for older people; contribute to socio-economic development, enhance the role and position of AE and be a good model to adapt to rapid population aging in Vietnam in general and Bac Ninh in particular, when the elderly are in the Bac Ninh has reached 148,535 people, accounting for 11.05% of the population.

Speaking at the Conference, Mr. Ngo Trong Vinh - Vice Chairman of VAE, Mr. Nguyen Huu Quat - Deputy Permanent Secretary of Bac Ninh Provincial Committee, highly appreciated the AE province early organizing the Conference; affirming this is a useful playground for members; participate in poverty reduction; local socio-economic development. In the past years, Bac Ninh has achieved many socio-economic development achievements, many targets are at the top of the country; activities of Association outstanding development. Over the past 2 years, the AE Province closely followed the direction of the Central Association, the Project Executive Board, in coordination to effectively implement the Government Decision no.1533, the Plan no.276 of the Provincial People's Committee. The Deputy Secretary also suggested that AE at all levels continue to propagate valuable lessons and good experiences; dynamic, creative and flexible; strengthening the role of inspection and supervision to promote and rectify in time; continue to develop and replicate the club model in the whole province.